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What Makes One Law Firm Or Lawyer More Effective Than Another In Litigating Serious Injury Cases, Like Those Involving Amputation? Part 2

The effectiveness of a plaintiff’s personal injury firm generally depends on three things. The second is:

Recent Trial Experience: Your attorney’s ability and willingness to take your case to trial will play a very large factor in whether you obtain a favorable outcome, even if the case doesn’t actually go to trial. This is because the defense lawyers and insurance companies know which lawyers will take tough cases to trial and which lawyers will shy away from the challenge. The lawyers who regularly take cases to trial usually get paid more to settle. So, you should look for attorneys who have been recognized for their trial skills.

One of the most prestigious honors any attorney can receive is recognition as “Trial Lawyer of the Year” by their local trial bar. It is the equivalent of an actor winning an Academy Award. This usually signifies an attorney that has a long track record of success in trial and outstanding achievement in difficult and worthwhile cases. Some law firms list verdicts on their websites in cases where they did not act as lead trial counsel. Be sure to ask whether the attorney you are considering was actually the one who tried the case as opposed to referring it to a lawyer that did.

Many of the law firms that show up on the first page of a Google search are simply heavy advertisers and don’t actually handle the cases through trial. Instead, they sign up a new client and then refer the case to another lawyer for a “referral fee” or percentage of the final recovery. You don’t want this kind of attorney; they are simply trying to earn a fee off your case without doing any work.

You also want to make sure that the attorney you choose has recent trial experience, which means verdicts in the past three years. Some attorneys live off the reputation they earned trying cases five, ten, fifteen years ago. The defense lawyers and insurance companies know that these attorneys will take less money to settle your case because they no longer have the passion and drive to endure the rigors, stress, and risk of a jury trial.

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