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What can I do to prevent infection following my amputation?

If you have had a limb amputated, it’s critical that you care for your residual limb. Any wound with a skin opening can become infected if germs enter the bloodstream. Infections can in some cases lead to surgery or even death.

After you were discharged from the hospital, you were probably given strict instructions on how to care for the residual limb. It’s very important that you follow those directions. Once it has healed, it is also very important to be very cautious with hygiene of that limb, since it will be in your prosthetic and may be prone to infections or skin problems.

It’s important that you wash your residual limb each day, as well as anything that comes into contact with your skin. Maintain a good prosthetic fit to prevent sores.

If you suspect you are getting an infection, it’s important to call your doctor. Some signs of bacterial infections include redness and swelling, pain, fever, tenderness, red lines, pus, and a warm area around the wound. This should be treated by your doctor right away.

If the wound smells bad, feels cold, has a dark discharge, or turns black, you should be treated in the emergency room in order to prevent very serious complications or death.

As an amputee, I understand the complications that can arise after an amputation. As a California amputation attorney, I help my clients who have suffered amputations deal with the legal issues that can arise after an amputation, such as insurance companies who are acting in bad faith, or with personal injury claims related to the amputation.

Call me, Amputation Attorney Conal Doyle at 310-385-0567 to discuss your amputation-related legal needs. I will be happy to help.

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