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I Got MRSA In A Hospital And Ended Up With An Amputated Limb As A Result. What Can I Do?

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a type of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. Typically, people who are infected with MRSA have been in a health care setting, such as a hospital or nursing home.

MRSA infections that are contracted in health care settings typically occur when a surgery, intravenous tube, or another type of invasive procedure is done.

Another type of MRSA occurs among healthy people and is spread by skin-to-skin contact. MRSA generally starts as small red bumps, but quickly they turn into deep abscesses that require surgery.

MRSA infections can spread quickly, since MRSA is resistant to antibiotics. They can quickly become life-threatening, and may affect your joints, heart, lungs, bones and bloodstream.

Doctors can diagnose MRSA by checking a tissue sample for signs of certain types of bacteria. In many cases, the MRSA can be treated with certain antibiotics. In other cases, doctors may simply drain an abscess and no further treatment may be necessary.

In some serious cases, MRSA may require an amputation, or may result in death. In some situations, this may not be the fault of any doctor or healthcare provider.

However, hospital infections are on the rise. Some experts estimate that 1.7 million infections occur in hospitals, which result in 100,000 unnecessary deaths.

If certain precautions regarding intravenous catheters and isolating patients are taken, the spread of infection could be greatly reduced.

If you have been in a hospital and contracted an MRSA bacteria which resulted in an amputation, you should consult a personal injury attorney.

The hospital may not have filed proper procedures that would have prevented the infection. You may possibly be able to sue the hospital for negligence.

Call Conal Doyle, Amputation Lawyer at 310-385-0567 to learn more. I am an amputee as well as a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney.

I look forward to discussing your case with you.

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