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I Had An Amputation And A Staple Was Left In The Wound, Which Caused Infection. Can I Sue The Doctor?

Yes, if a staple or other foreign object was left in a wound, which caused an infection or other medical problems, in most cases you can seek compensation from the doctor.

Believe it or not, it’s actually not uncommon for foreign objects to be left in the body after surgery, including staples, gauze, sutures, needle tips, and other objects. These objects may go unnoticed, or may cause infections or more serious health issues.

Doctors have a legal duty to provide a level of care which is similar to that offered by other reasonable competent doctors in the same specialty.

Doctors aren’t required to be insurers of patients’ well-being, but are expected to be competent. If a doctor failed to meet that standard, and a patient was harmed as a result, the patient may have a cause of action against the doctor for the damages you incurred.

You may have a claim against not only the doctor who performed the surgery, but also any doctor who removed the staples or performed any follow-up visits.

Also, if you were treated after the surgery and a doctor failed to recognize or correctly diagnose your health problems, you may have a cause of action against that doctor as well. The hospital or other health care facility at which you were treated may also share in the liability.

Amputees who face further medical problems due to the negligence of a medical professional should consult with a medical malpractice or personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the medical issues are discovered.

Waiting only damages the case, because there are time limits on how long a medical malpractice victim has to file a lawsuit.

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