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Amputation Due To Medical Malpractice

If Medical Malpractice Has Caused the Loss Of A Limb, You Need An Experienced Advocate On Your Side

Medical Malpractice is always a very serious, and very scary thought. We’d all like to think that our physicians are capable, attentive, and error-free when they treat us. The sad fact is that this isn’t always the truth. Sometimes doctors misdiagnose or make other errors in judgment….sometimes surgical errors occur…and sometimes our doctors simply aren’t paying enough attention.

If you’ve lost a limb because of medical malpractice, you’ve experienced one of the absolute worst tragedies that a medical error can cause. If this tragedy was the result of a negligent doctor or other medical staff, then they are responsible for doing their part to help you get your life back.

An error of this kind is something that shouldn’t happen in this country. Doyle Law can help you on the long path to recovery by getting you the damages and compensation you need. By pursuing a lawsuit against the negligent physician or hospital, you help make the medical environment a much safer place for all of us.

Doyle Law: Helping You Fight For Your Rights Against Medical Malpractice

Our attorneys at Doyle Law are experienced with the major forms of medical malpractice involving amputation, including:

  • Malpractice—such as an improperly-applied cast—that leads to compartment syndrome, a diagnosis that can lead to amputation;
  • Misdiagnosis severe enough to result in amputation;
  • Negligent surgical errors involving amputation, such as performing the surgery on the wrong area of the limb, or even amputating the wrong limb entirely;
  • And much more.

Conal Doyle, one of our founding attorneys at Doyle Law, has experienced your difficulty firsthand—he is a right-leg amputee who has used a prosthetic limb for over thirty years. While no amount of money can ever replace the loss of a limb, we can help ensure that you have the money necessary to adjust to this new challenge in your life.

Contact us today, and we’ll go over every aspect of your case until we understand exactly what went wrong—and then we’ll make sure it never happens again. Call us Call us at 310-385-0567 today.

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