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Amputee Benefits, Compensation & Rehabilitation Options

Benefits, Compensation and Rehabilitation Options That Amputees Could Be Eligible For & Not Getting

As an amputee, you know that educating yourself with reliable information is a necessity in order to return to your normal quality of life. You have rights regarding benefits, compensation, and rehabilitation options, so it’s important to understand and utilize them.

However, disputes can arise between you and your employer, insurance company, or medical provider about these rights.

You may feel in over your head and unsure of how to proceed in the event that your rights are being threatened regarding your benefits, compensation, and rehabilitation. If you’re experiencing these challenges now, it may be time to consult an amputee benefits attorney. As important as it is to educate yourself, it’s equally important to surround yourself with understanding and experienced advocates.

If you need someone on your side to fight for your rights, then reach out to the experienced advocates at Doyle Law.

Doyle Law: Specializing in the Rights of Amputees

At Doyle Law, our attorneys are dedicated to getting amputees just like you the necessary compensation to protect yourself for the rest of your life. We understand what amputees go through because one of our founding attorneys, Conal Doyle, has been an amputee for over 30 years.

Benefits, compensation, and rehabilitation costs and considerations our clients have had to take into account include:

  • Medical costs: one of the most obvious and recurring costs involved in your recovery and rehabilitation. Rehab, maintenance and physical therapy is often necessary throughout your lifetime;
  • Prosthetics: not only are prosthetics expensive, you may need to plan for replacements over your life time;
  • Lifestyle considerations: does your home need to be altered in order to accommodate your new manner of getting around and conducting your daily activities?
  • Loss of livelihood: if you’re unable to continue your job after the injury, alternative solutions will need to be accounted for.

Don’t leave your life to chance. Contact our team of experienced attorneys at Doyle Law today.

If you have questions concerning your benefits, compensation, or rehabilitation options, call us 1-310-385-0567.

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